Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an idea, but you lacked the confidence to go through with it. Raise your hand if you have ever had a vision of carrying out your passion, but you were too scared to go out on a limb and actually pursue it. Raise your hand if you have dreams upon dreams, but are afraid of getting shot down and so you keep them bottled up. 

My hand is raised. Three times. 

Let me encourage you, reader… there is no one like you

It’s easy to say, “My idea isn’t unique,” or “My dreams don’t matter.” We can get caught up in comparison and feel like all the ideas out there in the world have been taken. But, that is simply not true. 

Again, I will say… there is no one like you

Of course there are thousands of painters, and calligraphers. Yes, there are tons of event planners and creatives. There are many jewelry-makers and photographers.

But, my dear, remember… there is no one like you

There is beauty in what you create: in the services you provide, in the pictures you take, in the necklaces you fashion, in the hand-lettered prints you make, in the art you paint. It's beautiful because it's yours. It's unique to you.

No one can take away what you do. Can someone steal your idea and try to replicate it? Sure. Are there others out there doing something similar to you? Yes. Does that mean you should not pursue or continue on in your dream? Not at all.

Find your point of difference. Find what makes your product or service interesting and valuable and show it off to the world. People need your creativity. People need your boldness. People need your products and services. People need what you have to offer to the world.

Don't hide it. Don't be afraid. Be confident in your talents and skill sets. Be bold in your passions and dreams. And, remind yourself often that your goals and aspirations are valid.

Ask yourself what the next step is toward your dream, and take it!

Make that website you've been talking about for 3 years.
Design that logo that you have been excited about all year.
Start handing out those business cards your ordered 6 months ago.
Say "yes" when people ask if they can be your client.

Take that next step. I know what it's like for an idea to feel scary. To feel uncertain and unknown. Anything new feels that way. However, it's also yours. No one can take that from you. So, pump yourself up and get excited about what is to come–no matter what it is.

And, if you start to doubt... remind yourself... there is no one like you.