Planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming. I don't think I've ever had to make so many decisions in my life.

Flowers. Invitations. Fonts. Decor. Guest book. Favors. Suits. Bridesmaids dresses. Colors. Centerpieces. Send-off. Catering. Programs. Bouquets. Wedding party gifts. Ties. Hair and makeup. Venue. Music. Lighting. 

From the time you get engaged to the time you walk down the aisle, it can seem like a never-ending journey of decisions to make.

During the beginning of my engagement, I became anxious over the things I used to look forward to planning. What is "me?" What is "us?" What describes my "style?" What if I like a piece of decor, but it doesn't "go" with everything else? 

I decided to pick 5 words to describe my wedding. This was one of the most helpful things I did when wedding planning, and I encourage every bride to do the same. This can have to do with theme, color, atmosphere, feel, etc. These are your words.

So, close your eyes and envision your wedding day. From the time you wake up until the end of the reception, what words come to your mind?

Southern, rustic, vintage, country, fun.

Traditional, classy, elegant, romantic, fancy.

Modern, whimsical, artsy, edgy, industrial.

Floral, garden, antique, bohemian, lovely.

Once you choose your words, scrolling through Pinterest and flipping through magazines won't be so daunting. When you can envision your wedding and the words to describe it, it instantly becomes easier to plan. You will begin filtering every decision you have to make through your 5-word sifter.

Not only that, but these words make up your personal, unique theme. 

Have you ever been to a wedding where you look around and think, "Wow, this is so [Insert Couple's Names Here]." That's the goal. You want your wedding to reflect the personality of you and your spouse!

If your wedding has come and gone, what were the 5 words that described your big day? If you're newly engaged and in the midst of planning, what are the 5 words you envision for your wedding day? Let's here 'em!