About a year and a half ago, my husband and I came to the realization that we needed to improve in some areas. We we were not very active and were not eating healthy at all. 

We decided to start going to the gym and watch what we ate. Much to my surprise, we've kept at it (my husband is much more diligent than I, I must admit)... but now, a year and a half later, we're feeling much healthier and much happier.

And for me, this extends far beyond exercise and healthy eating habits. I've found myself on an adventure of discovering how I can be the best version in different areas.

The journey to better.

What should I do to get in better shape?
What things should I be eating to
better my health?
How can I
better press into my role as a wife to my husband?
What are some practical steps I can take to
better my cooking skills?
How can I be a
better, more intentional friend?
How can I
better and grow deeper in my walk with Christ?

There isn't one answer to each of the questions above, which is the reason for the journey. It's constantly pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone, to swallow my pride, to try new things, to always be learning. And, it changes every day, every week. 

This week, it's lacing up my tennis shoes to go for a run because that's step one. It's reading my new cookbook to learn how to prepare healthy, energizing meals. It's sending my husband a text to ask him how I can help him with his busy day. It's cooking two new healthy recipes because practice makes perfect. 

I fully believe in defining the areas and seasons of life that God has called us to (i.e. freshman in college, motherhood, newlywed, planning a wedding, new job), and leaning into them.


The newest season in my life is one I entered into just 2 weeks ago: becoming a Beautycounter Consultant. 

This came about simply by asking myself one of those questions: How can I take better care of my skin?

Beautycounter is a beauty and skincare company dedicated to getting safer products into the hands of everyone. 

The answer to that question has led me on an incredible journey: 

  1. I decided to sample a couple products my cousin sent me. I tried out the Charcoal Cleansing Bar and the Cleansing Balm... and I pretty much fell in love.

  2. I purchased the Charcoal Cleansing Bar. And, a couple weeks later, I was walking into work and I felt my face and thought to myself, "My skin feels amazing!"

  3. I read article after article about the importance of healthy and safe skincare products and learned that Beautycounter is one of the fastest growing companies in the country right now.

  4. I made the decision to become a Consultant.

After becoming a consultant, I did a lot of research and discovered that many of the beauty and skincare products I use every day have harmful chemicals and ingredients. 

These results shocked me and gave me further affirmation that becoming a consultant was the right decision. We've chosen to prioritize healthy eating, working out, drinking more water, using essential oils... but we hadn't realized the importance of choosing healthy skincare products. 


For me, Beautycounter is the perfect marriage of all the things I love: event planning, networking, marketing, skincare, makeup, branding, community, health and wellness. 

I've been approached to sell other things, but they just didn't feel like the right fit – until I heard about Beautycounter. The mission and the products made my heart skip a beat!

Our skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it... and our skin is our largest organ – why wouldn't we want to protect it? With 80,000 chemicals on the market right now, many of which are in the skincare and beauty products we use every day, something has to change. 

I have adopted Beautycounter's mission as a consultant: To get safer products in the hands of everyone.  

We deserve better, and Beautycounter is doing something about it.  


  1. Educate yourself. This journey for me started with learning about the importance of purchasing and using safe products on my skin. Watch this video to learn more. It's eye-opening!

  2. Become a client. If you're interested in investing in healthier and safer products, check out the website. Beautycounter's products are not only beautiful, but they're beneficial for your skin. I'd love to place an order for you!

  3. Host a social. This is a great way for you to gather your friends and family and help them learn more about the benefits of safe and healthy skincare products, while also getting host rewards based on the sales of the social! Yay for free products!

  4. Become a consultant. When Beautycounter was born, the owner, Gregg Renfrew, decided that she wanted these products to be sold by individuals. This allows you to hear the personal stories of lives changed, of why they've chosen Beautycounter and why they're switching to safer products.

This journey has just started and I can't wait to see where it takes me! Please contact me if you have questions or would like to try the products! I would love to talk to you more about it. 

How are you choosing to better yourself this week? This month? This year?
What is your journey to better?