Many brides choose not to hire wedding planning/coordinating services for different reasons. 

Some may decide to handle everything themselves. "We'll let Aunt Betty do the cake cutting." "Dad, you can hand out programs before the ceremony, right?" "Cousin Martha will be able to make sure that I don't forget to put my garter on." 

For others, the thought never even crossed their minds. They can't anticipate what their wedding day is going to look like and so they simply don't think about needing those services. 

Some people know of the services, but truly don't think they'll need them. "We'll be fine, everything will work out!" 

Regardless of the reason you don't think you need a day-of wedding coordinator, let me give you some advice: you do

Why? Let me give you 3 reasons. 

1. You cannot be expected to remember all the details. Your only job on your wedding day is to get married. And that's what your focus should be on. Are the candles are lit? Are the boutonnieres are pinned on? Has the limo arrived? These are things that you, as the bride, should not have to be responsible for checking on. You've spent months planning this day and you deserve to enjoy the little moments rather than worry about the little details. Your family deserves to enjoy it as well. You don't want your mom or sister to have the burden of being in charge of coordinating the events of the day. 

2. There needs to be a point-person. This is the person of contact, the person who knows what's going on. Should something not go as planned or should a vendor have a question, the wedding coordinator would handle this. Trust me, you are not going to want to have to make a lot of decisions on your wedding day. By hiring a day-of coordinator, you will be able to enjoy getting ready, spending time with your family and friends, mingling and dancing. 

3. The day-of coordinator helps with the smoothness of the day. Everyone's wedding day is different in terms of the venue, food, decor, timeline, music, theme, etc. However, one thing every bride has in common is the desire for the day to go smoothly. Most brides understand that there will be a few unplanned surprises here and there, but want an overall smoothness of the wedding day timeline. An experienced wedding coordinator knows what to do to make sure this happens. They make sure the vendors are where they're supposed to be. They ensure that the family members and wedding party are lined up and in order before the ceremony starts. They communicate with the band when things like the money dance or the bouquet and garter toss are coming up. They cut the cake and serve it themselves when they realize there was no one hired to do it. They make sure the bride and groom have eaten or have to-go plates ready when the reception is over. Their experience has allowed them to know how a wedding should flow, and because they are knowledgable about potential issues that could arise, they are proactive to make sure these things don't happen. 

I have been to weddings where simply having a day-of coordinator would have solved a lot of issues. It may not be something that you think you'll need or that you think you can handle yourself, but if your wedding is coming up, I encourage you to reconsider. Usually you cannot understand the importance of making this decision unless you actually do hire a wedding coordinator and see them in action on the day. Here are a couple brides that are thankful for using day-of coordination services for their wedding.  

If you're interested in hiring for this service, please contact The Planning Bar! We'd love to coordinate your wedding day to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.